Meet The Captain of Gabriel Watersports

If you are a fan of adrenaline and crystal clear water, you have to look for Rodi, our captain! You will find him in a picturesque setting of a bay in Cavtat, at the very end of the main parking lot. Before he takes you on an unforgettable adventure, read about his journey to make a dream come true.

He was born in Varna, Bulgaria as Radostin Mavrodinov. Growing up near the Black Sea, he dreamt of becoming a sailor. Thanks to a friend, the friend’s uncle, and maybe a guiding light, he got his first job when he was 15. He was in charge of a pedal boat rental.
A few summers later, since he also rented powerful Jet Skis and other fascinating water attractions, Rodi became a person that was good to know, therefore, the guiding light had done its job! At that point, he was pretty sure that watersports would become his profession. He then received an invitation to be the assistant sailor on a parasailing boat in Romania – a great honor for this young man in those years, who soon began to dream of becoming a parasailing boat captain. Being the master of such a unique experience, meeting new people every single sunny day, and making long-term friendships were the main benefits of the job, and Rodi became forever devoted to watersports.

After the boat, on which he had worked, was sold to a Croatian company in Zadar, Rodi received an offer to be her captain. That was the start of his Croatian adventure!

Rodi has been in love with Croatia since the very first moment; amazing locations, crystal clear waters, delicious domestic cuisine, opportunities for professional growth, warm-hearted people, thrilling moments, unforgettable memories…
Every day he learned something new about the country, local people, customs, culture… He learned the language. Furthermore, he improved the skills related to his dream job. Then the waves took him to Dubrovnik, and finally to Cavtat, where, in 2017, Rodi joined several close friends to make a successful watersports team, granting lots of pleasant moments, smiley faces, and great adventures!
Rodi’s dream has come true and Gabriel Watersports has found its captain!


In 2018, Rodi and his colleagues from Bulgaria founded Parasailing Association Bulgaria, which became a member of the Professional Parasailing Association Europe by accepting specified standards for safety. Rodi took care of the translation of the documentation and the organization of professional courses.

Thanks to these courses, 90% of the current parasailing captains of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast managed to go through the program, gained a lot of new knowledge, and became more confident and cautious in their work. Every one of the applicants now uses these courses and programs!

Radostin Mavrodinov – Rodi
• Captain Examiner/Instructor for Professional Parasailing Association Europe
• Flyboard Instructor
• CMAS Scuba Diver 2 Stars